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Cover Story: Maximum Impact

With company budgets stretched thin in support of multiple trade shows, manufacturers and distributors must fine-
tune their approach and think creatively to maximize each venue’s selling potential

by Frank Long

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  • READ BLOGJoe McGonigal

    Joe McGonigal is co-founder of SCC Partners, a coaching and consulting firm that helps sales professionals and organizations initiate new opportunities and sales growth. As a former sales manager, front line producer and sales leader for Patterson Dental, he brings unique perspective to Mentor. Armed with SCC Partners' full suite of resources, McGonigal uses his wealth of experience to help catapult dental sales representatives to the next level in their careers — and he does so by fostering an environment that encourages a commitment to growth and a willingness to face challenges.

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    BreakOut! — A Sales Program For Dental Professionals

    To be a successful sales professional in today's dental market you need to take deliberate action on a regular basis. But do you know what action to take? Whether you want to protect your margin, grow your client base, or build stronger relationships with your clients, you must ensure you are doing the right things. We've made it easier to know exactly what those things are.

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    This is something people say a lot. But there are three versions of ‘I don’t know how.’ Sometimes it means I don’t care to know. For example, I don’t know how to hang drywall and I don’t know how to play bridge. Truth is, I don’t care to know how to do either. I’m not interested […]


  • How To Use The Summer to Fuel Sales Growth

    June will be here in a few days and with it the vacation mindset of summertime. The next three months are traditionally the slowest in the dental industry…..but they don’t have to be. In fact, with the right strategy, Summer could be the absolute best time to acquire new clients, deepen existing relationships, and lay […]


  • The One Thing

    Last week I was at the CDA in Anaheim. Having been to all the major dental meetings this year, I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot reps, many of whom are members of the SCC Community. We get to talk about challenges and opportunities. We talk about new ideas, new approaches, and new […]