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Dry Spell

The dreaded “dry socket” can inflict intense pain and lead to infection. Mentor gives sales pros a look at this post-extraction condition and how clinicians provide relief for their patients. By Rebecca Stone

Sealing The Deal For Kids

Pit-and-fissure sealants are effective — and cost efficient. But many dentists may lack the up-to-date knowledge to use them to their full capability. Sales reps can help bridge that information gap. By Donald L. Chi, DDS, PhD

Working The Capital

Dentistry is dynamic and ever evolving, often through legislative means. Mentor does the legwork to sort out the key legislation being discussed and debated in D.C. and the states. Votes could change the future of the industry. By Rebecca Stone

Sensitivity Training

Many adults struggle with dentinal hypersensitivity. But there are things oral practitioners can do to relieve pain. We explore some of the latest treatment strategies and ways you may be able to help your customers. By Shelly Withers, RDH, MS; Debra Friesen, RDH, MS; and Yiming Li, DDS, MSD, PhD

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Product Profile


Product Profile

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On the Radar

Kids’ toothbrushes on display

FAQ: Cranberry

New User-Friendly “Silk” Packaging Reflects the Quality Clinicians Trust

Hot to Market

Products that practically sell themselves


Breakthrough Selling with Joe McGonigal

Dig Deeper With These Questions

Closing Pitch

One-on-one with Michael Augins, Sirona



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